LtM Feature: The October LtM Record Show in Pictures

Thank you to all the customers and dealers who battled a very wet and windy day to participate in the Love the Music Record Show this past Sunday (10/2). We were not able to standup the outside dealers due to the weather, although inside the Emerald Room all dealer tables were full and active. The LtM event had a good level of customer flow throughout the day even though some customer decided not to venture out in the elements and auto issue around DC. We had a vinylphile all the way from England at the LtM show and even a sighting of Snoop Dogg … in a virtual sense.

Participating Dealers (alphabetically): Ken Benjes, Edward Bielaus, Ed Braytenbah, Howard Dinkel, Randy Eckstein, Kirby & Nicole Griffin (THE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71), Kelly Groff (Yesterday &Today Records), Kerry Hopkins, Bill “Hatman” & Virginia Martin (Thought You Couldn’t Find It, Records & CDs), Andy Roman, Severn Savage, Mark Shiflett (aka The Kabukiman), Joe Siracusano & Karl (Turtle Records), Bill & Sandy Sola, Scott Stenger, Ronnie Stroman, Kim Teri, and Rick Mulvihill.

On a down note, Ray Brennan one of our steadfast and very well-liked dealers was involved in an auto accident in route to the LtM Record Show and could not participate. Fortunately, Ray is without major injuries, doing fine now at home, and will be recovering for the next few days. Our collective best regards and good health go out to Ray; recover well and we’ll see you at the next event.

Selections from the October 2nd Show:

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