LtM Dealer Profile: Yesterday & Today Records

Welcome back Kelly Groff (Yesterday & Today Records) to the Love the Music Record Show. After taking a break for a couple events, Kelly is back for the LtM 10/2 event bringing a remarkable collection of 7″ vinyl, LPs, CDs, and memorabilia. Yesterday & Today Records (Y&T) is an integral part of the Washington MetroContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Yesterday & Today Records”

LtM Dealer Profile: Sid Gold

Sid Gold returns to the 10/2 Love the Music (LtM) Record Show with an exceptional collection of CDs, Cassettes, and memorabilia. Sid’s has a large variety of well-kept CDs and cassettes of rock, jazz, metal, electronic, and other genres with some hard-to-find collectables included. As well Sid collection is already discount-priced with many bargains toContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Sid Gold”

LtM Dealer Profile: Turtle Records

The Love the Music Record Show welcomes back Turtle Records to the 10/2 event after a summer hiatus. Vinyl lovers will look forward to diggin’ through the new stock and some very cool memorabilia Turtle Records is bringing to the LtM. Turtle Records is a couple of vinyl and music loving friends with a HUGEContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Turtle Records”

VSA: Baltimore Record Bizarre (BRB), 9/25

Vinyl Service Announcement (VSA): BRB this Sunday, 9/25, 11am – 5pm. 35!!! Vendors (One of our biggest shows yet); Vinyl, Tapes, CDs, Music Memorabilia, Vintage Clothes, Books/Comics, Stereos, Plants, Art, Collectables, Cool Stuff etc. Featured Vendors… Baby’s On Fire, E2E4 Records, Yesterday & Today Records, Nerds & Diggers, Mystery Sound, Terre en Table, Kabukiman’s TreasureContinue reading “VSA: Baltimore Record Bizarre (BRB), 9/25”

LtM Dealer Profile: Ray Brennan

Welcome back Ray Brennan to the October 2nd Love the Music (LtM) Record Show bringing a broad collection of Vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia. Ray is an independent record dealer with an extensive collection of early-release Jazz, rare Classic Rock, Alt-Rock / New Wave, Beatles collectables, and rare autographed memorabilia from individual artists and bands. RayContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Ray Brennan”

LtM Dealer Profile: Howard Dinkel

The Love the Music (LtM) welcomes the return of Howard Dinkel, fasion virtuoso and music sage, to the LtM 10/2 Record Show. Howard is a multi-faceted independent dealer bringing his hand-made and exquisite tie-dyed shirts and accessory garments, a wide array of recorded music, and unique collectables. Howard’s tie-dyes are made using quality, personally selectedContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Howard Dinkel”

LtM Feature: Sylvania Exponent 4 40

At the August Love the Music Record Show we were fortune to have Ed Bielaus, one of the outstanding LtM Vinyl Dealers, bring in a genuine Sylvania Exponent 4 40 portable turntable / stereo system, circa 1965. Portable turntables have again become popular with many new models on the market. The “Incomparable” Exponent 4 40Continue reading “LtM Feature: Sylvania Exponent 4 40”

LtM Dealer Profile: Ed Bielaus

Love the Music (LtM) Record Show is happy to have Ed Bielaus returning for the 10/2 event. Ed is a recorded music collector who helps people find the music they will enjoy and love. With a background of working at many DC radio station and music institutions, Ed has a broad and deep music makingContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Ed Bielaus”

LtM August Record Show Photos!

Love the Music (LtM) had another great event in August and is gearing up for an even better Record Show on October 2nd. Here are some photos from the August Event! The next LtM Record Show is October 2nd (Sunday), 10-3, Rosensteel Hall, Silver Spring, MD. August’s Featured Dealers: Alright Alright Alright Record Shop (DaveContinue reading “LtM August Record Show Photos!”

Reminder: LtM Record Show Sunday 8/7!

Reminder! Vinyl Collectors and Music Lovers: The Love the Music Record Show is this Sunday 8/7 (10am – 3pm). There will be great finds and bargains available on new and used music! Features: 10,000+ New & Used Vinyl Records, 45s, EPs, LPs, CDs, and Cassettes 20+ Local and Independent Dealers Imports & Test Pressings, PictureContinue reading “Reminder: LtM Record Show Sunday 8/7!”