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Established in 2021 providing an additional method to connect people with a community and with the music that resonates with them. This blog provides information on the LtM Record Shows, other Record Shows and Audio Events in the WMA, local independent dealers, and record stores. If you like the content, please subscribe below.

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PSA: DC Hi-Fi Group Summer Vinyl Event, Saturday June 25th!

The DC Hi-Fi Group 2022 Summer Vinyl Event is this Saturday, June 25, at the Historic Garrett Park Town Hall, Garrett Park Maryland. Records, CD’s, Turntables, Phono preamps, SACD’s, Tape+Analog Recorders, Amps, Receivers, and more… Event Info: 10814 Kenilworth Avenue, Garrett Park, MD 20896 Sat. June 25, 2022, Hours: 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., (8Continue reading “PSA: DC Hi-Fi Group Summer Vinyl Event, Saturday June 25th!”

PSA: Arbutus Record & CD Show, Sunday 6/19, 9am to 3pm!

Reminder to join us at the Arbutus Record & CD Show this Sunday 6/19 (9-3). The Arbutus Record & CD Show offers collections of thousands of the best in records, tapes, CDs, videos, books and music-related collectibles & memorabilia. The show is located at the Arbutus Volunteer Fire Department Hall, 5200 Southwestern Boulevard, Arbutus, MDContinue reading “PSA: Arbutus Record & CD Show, Sunday 6/19, 9am to 3pm!”

Recap: LtM Record Show 6/5

A recap with photo gallery of the LtM Record Show held on 6/5 is posted on the LtM website page Event Photos. Posting will also be made on FB and Instagram. The Next LtM Record Show is August 7th (Sunday); I hope to see you there!

Alright Alright Alright Record Shop Bringin’ its Grooves to the LtM!

Alright Alright Alright, “Your Source for Records and Pop Culture” will be making its first appearance at the Love the Music Record Show on 6/5 and promises to bring some significant vinyl and memorabilia! Welcome Alright Alright Alright to the LtM! Dave Moore, proprietor of the Alright Alright Alright Record Store, brings a huge collectionContinue reading “Alright Alright Alright Record Shop Bringin’ its Grooves to the LtM!”

Welcome Jonathan Wright!

Independent collector Jonathan Wright participates in his first Love the Music Record Show on 6/5 bringing more new music selections to the event. Welcome Jonathan to the Love the Music Record Show! Jonathan has been collecting music off and on since the early 80’s when he worked at DC’s now defunct Olsson’s Books and Records.Continue reading “Welcome Jonathan Wright!”

AubryLukeRecords at the Love the Music Record Show, 6/5!

Luke Kupscznk, proprietor of AubryLukeRecords returns to the June 5th LtM Record Show and brings an extraordinary collection of vinyl to the LtM spanning genres of Free & Avant-Garde Jazz, Funk, Progressive, Experimental, Electronic, Spiritual Black American, and Environmental. Luke operates an online store on Discogs (lkupscznk) offering an extensive collection of Japanese and European imports, privateContinue reading “AubryLukeRecords at the Love the Music Record Show, 6/5!”

The Hatman Returns!

With many new titles on Vinyl and CDs, The Hatman returns to the June 5th Love the Music (LtM) Record Show. Bill Martin, (a.k.a. Bill Hatman) Owner / Researcher of “Though You Couldn’t Find It, Records and CDs”, and his wife Virginia are bringing their expansive and diverse collection back to the LtM with newContinue reading “The Hatman Returns!”

Discover Sid Gold at the LtM!

Poet and author Sid Gold returns to Love the Music (LtM) Record Show (6/5) with an exceptional collection of CDs, Cassettes, and memorabilia. Sid, who has participated in each LtM event, understands customer musical desires and has his collection priced accordingly. Sid’s collection of well-kept CDs and Cassettes includes unique and rare rock, jazz, metal,Continue reading “Discover Sid Gold at the LtM!”


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