Welcome Back Ed Braytenbah to the 6/5 LtM Record Show!

Ed Braytenbah returns to the June Love the Music Record Show with a fresh collection of music on vinyl albums, CDs, and 45s. Ed has participated in prior LtM Record Shows, and always brings many exciting selections.

Ed is an independent dealer with an excellent collection of Vinyl and CDs spanning the most collected genres and artists. Ed is bringing updated stock to the LtM show, making it worth your time to shop Ed’s collection for your music wants. He is knowledgeable about the artists and can guide you to the music that meets your interests.

You will also find Ed at other local record shows including the Arbutus Record Show. We look forward to Ed’s participation in the June 5th Love the Music Record Show in Silver Spring. Ed will be at an inside table to the right of the front entrance to the Emerald Room.

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