Welcome Turtle Records to the LtM!

The Love the Music Record Show welcomes first-time participant Turtle Records to the June 5th event. We look forward to diggin’ through the new stock and some very cool Elvis memorabilia Turtle Records is bringing to the LtM.

Turtle Records at the Arbutus Record Show earlier this year

Turtle Records is a couple of vinyl and music loving friends who recently decided to buy a HUGE collection. The collection has many great albums from the 50s, 60s, 70s with a TON of Motown, soundtracks, R&B, classic rock and soul. We’ve spent the last month listening to as much as we can and have found all the albums to be in great condition, including many still sealed!

For Elvis lovers Turtle Records has albums, 45s, books, PEZ dispensers, clocks, jewelry boxes, and other collectibles and memorabilia. Turtle Records is excited to be showing at LTM in June. We’re ready to meet some people, learn some things, sell some vinyl and have a great time! 

Welcome Turtle Records to the Love the Music Record Show. See You June 5th at the LtM at Rosensteel Hall, Silver Spring.

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