Wayne Hayre: Vinyl & Vintage Mania!

Vinylphiles and Vintage Collectors, a must shop at the Love the Music (LtM) Record Show (4/2) is Wayne Hayre’s collection.

Wayne at a 2021 LtM Record Show

Wayne’s brings great vinyl, CDs, and must-have Vintage Collectables including Band T-shirts and Vintage Clothing, Music posters, Telephone Pole posters, and an extensive collection of authentic memorabilia including some autographed originals. For music lovers Wayne always brings refreshed stock and vinyl releases new to the LtM show.

LtM welcomes back Wayne to the 4/2 Show for a three-peat performance as Wayne participated in the October and December LtM shows. If pleasant weather, Wayne will be stationed just outside the entrance to the LtM Record Show; otherwise, Wayne will be selling inside the Emerald Room. We look forward to Wayne’s participation in the 4/2 Love the Music Record Show.

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