LtM Dealer Profile: THE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71

Love the Music welcomes THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 (Kirby and Nicole Griffin) back to our 10/2 Record Show. Kirby and Nicole are independent dealers who sell through Instagram as @the_music_lover_kg71, and at record shows. THE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71 brings a broad range of Hip Hop, Funk, Metal, Soul, R&B, Electronic, and Club music as well as an extensive collectionContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: THE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71”

LtM Dealer Profile: Wayne Hayre

Wayne Hayre and son Colton will be returning to participate in our next Love the Music Record Show on 10/2. During the week Wayne operates his company, Window Works Inc., and on weekends is a purveyor of quality vinyl records and memorabilia at record shows, flea markets, and yard sales. Wayne and Colton bring greatContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Wayne Hayre”

LtM Dealer Profile: Yesterday & Today Records

Welcome back Kelly Groff (Yesterday & Today Records) to the Love the Music Record Show. After taking a break for a couple events, Kelly is back for the LtM 10/2 event bringing a remarkable collection of 7″ vinyl, LPs, CDs, and memorabilia. Yesterday & Today Records (Y&T) is an integral part of the Washington MetroContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Yesterday & Today Records”

LtM Dealer Profile: Sid Gold

Sid Gold returns to the 10/2 Love the Music (LtM) Record Show with an exceptional collection of CDs, Cassettes, and memorabilia. Sid’s has a large variety of well-kept CDs and cassettes of rock, jazz, metal, electronic, and other genres with some hard-to-find collectables included. As well Sid collection is already discount-priced with many bargains toContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Sid Gold”

LtM Dealer Profile: Turtle Records

The Love the Music Record Show welcomes back Turtle Records to the 10/2 event after a summer hiatus. Vinyl lovers will look forward to diggin’ through the new stock and some very cool memorabilia Turtle Records is bringing to the LtM. Turtle Records is a couple of vinyl and music loving friends with a HUGEContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Turtle Records”

VSA: Baltimore Record Bizarre (BRB), 9/25

Vinyl Service Announcement (VSA): BRB this Sunday, 9/25, 11am – 5pm. 35!!! Vendors (One of our biggest shows yet); Vinyl, Tapes, CDs, Music Memorabilia, Vintage Clothes, Books/Comics, Stereos, Plants, Art, Collectables, Cool Stuff etc. Featured Vendors… Baby’s On Fire, E2E4 Records, Yesterday & Today Records, Nerds & Diggers, Mystery Sound, Terre en Table, Kabukiman’s TreasureContinue reading “VSA: Baltimore Record Bizarre (BRB), 9/25”

LtM Dealer Profile: Ray Brennan

Welcome back Ray Brennan to the October 2nd Love the Music (LtM) Record Show bringing a broad collection of Vinyl, CDs, and memorabilia. Ray is an independent record dealer with an extensive collection of early-release Jazz, rare Classic Rock, Alt-Rock / New Wave, Beatles collectables, and rare autographed memorabilia from individual artists and bands. RayContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Ray Brennan”

LtM Dealer Profile: Howard Dinkel

The Love the Music (LtM) welcomes the return of Howard Dinkel, fasion virtuoso and music sage, to the LtM 10/2 Record Show. Howard is a multi-faceted independent dealer bringing his hand-made and exquisite tie-dyed shirts and accessory garments, a wide array of recorded music, and unique collectables. Howard’s tie-dyes are made using quality, personally selectedContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Howard Dinkel”

LtM Feature: Sylvania Exponent 4 40

At the August Love the Music Record Show we were fortune to have Ed Bielaus, one of the outstanding LtM Vinyl Dealers, bring in a genuine Sylvania Exponent 4 40 portable turntable / stereo system, circa 1965. Portable turntables have again become popular with many new models on the market. The “Incomparable” Exponent 4 40Continue reading “LtM Feature: Sylvania Exponent 4 40”

LtM Dealer Profile: Ed Bielaus

Love the Music (LtM) Record Show is happy to have Ed Bielaus returning for the 10/2 event. Ed is a recorded music collector who helps people find the music they will enjoy and love. With a background of working at many DC radio station and music institutions, Ed has a broad and deep music makingContinue reading “LtM Dealer Profile: Ed Bielaus”