Vinyl of the Day: The Wes Montgomery Trio, The Wes Montgomery Trio!

Released initially in 1959 The Wes Montgomery Trio album introduced a fresh approach to jazz guitar. The trio consist of Guitar (Wes Montgomery), Organ (Melvin Ryne), Drums (Paul Parker). The organ substitutes for a bass which is reflected in the compositions and blends well with the soft sound of Wes’ unique plucking technique. The organ provides more range than the base and has its share of interplays with Wes and short solos as on the song “Jingles”. The drumming although not in the forefront is ever-present and artful with a liberal use of brushes to compliment the soft sound of Wes’ guitar.

The songs on The Wes Montgomery Trio album are primarily covers of other artists works (Monk, Ellington, Horace Silver) with two original Wes Montgomery compositions: “Missile Blues” and “Jingles”. The Wes Montgomery Trio is the first album by Wes Montgomery as the lead artist of fewer than 20 he recorded in his short life. Wes Montgomery died of a heart attack in 1968 at 45 years old. The Wes Montgomery Trio album has been reissued many times sometimes titled ‘Round Midnight, the lead track, and as A Dynamic New Sound: Guitar/Organ/Drums. Based on a little research the 1975 Japanese pressing of A Dynamic New Sound: Guitar/Organ/Drums (Riverside SMJ-6080) seems to be the highest quality pressing with the US pressing (Riverside OJC-034 / RLP 1156) also excellent.

'Round Midnight reissue.
Round Midnight reissue cover.

If you like cool jazz with a different composition, then this classic is a great addition to your collection. It is great for immersing yourself in the music as well as hang out music.

The Wes Montgomery Trio album and other Wes Montgomery releases will be available on vinyl from dealers at the Love the Music Record Show on 4/23.

Happy Listening!


The next Love the Music Record Show is Sunday 4/23, held bi-monthly, the 4th Sunday of the Month, 10am-3pm@Rosensteel Hall, 9707 Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (2 blocks from the Forest Glen Metro Station, Red Line).

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