Vinyl of the Day: Bellydance Music!

It’s Friday and for fun our Vinyl of the Day is Bellydance music. If you are not familiar with Bellydance music I recommend working it into your listening rotation. I recently became interested in Bellydance music based on a recommendation from a fellow vinyl collector and have since obtained some delightful Bellydance LPs. Bellydance music is soothing, uplifting, and of course, exotic. It is great background music and perfect for intimate settings. This is a fascinating genre to explore if you are looking to expand your music spectrum.

There are many different types of Bellydance music primarily based on geographic region: Egyptian, Turkish, Indian, Arabian, Syrian, and Lebanese amongst others. Bellydance has also been modernized incorporating synthesizers and electric instruments with subgenres of Fast Bellydance and Disco Bellydance music. Some traditional Bellydance music artists are Eddie Mekjian, Artie Barsamian, George Abdo, and Hani Mehanna; with more modern artists Aboud Abdel and Emad Sayyad.

If you need Bellydance music recommendations, visit the site for their top 10 list of all-time Bellydance albums and other music resources. Below are covers of some Bellydance albums that will be available at the next Love the Music Record Show on 4/23.

Happy Listening!


The next Love the Music Record Show is Sunday 4/23, held bi-monthly, the 4th Sunday of the Month, 10am-3pm@Rosensteel Hall, 9707 Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (2 blocks from the Forest Glen Metro Station, Red Line).

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