Vinyl of the Day: St. Vincent, St. Vincent!

If you are a fan of alternative music art rock and do not have St. Vincent in your collection, start with the eponymous St. Vincent album. The song compositions are excellent and Annie Clark’s (St. Vincent’s alter-ego) guitar work is polished yet with a raw edge. Her vocals are soul emissions giving feeling in each lyric. Even “Digitial Witness”, which cynically paints a world of people unable to disconnect from electronics, empathetically questions the value of such a life lived. Songs “I Prefer Your Love”, “Severed Crossed Fingers”, and “Prince Johnny” amongst others drip with emotion.

St. Vincent (B0019906-01, 2014) was well received by the critics and professional rating services; the 2015 Grammy winner for the Best Alternative Music Album. As such, this album blends creative songwriting and musicianship (art rock) with heart and life stories that drawn you in and leaves you with a desire to listen and relisten.

Happy Listening!

Great Alt-Rock and Art Rock vinyl albums, CDs, and cassettes like St. Vincent will be on sale at the Love the Music Record Show on 4/23.


The next Love the Music Record Show is Sunday 4/23, held bi-monthly, the 4th Sunday of the Month, 10am-3pm@Rosensteel Hall, 9707 Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910 (2 blocks from the Forest Glen Metro Station, Red Line).

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