20+ Dealers, 10K+ Records, LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes and More!

The Love the Music (LtM) is happy to welcome back many of our regular dealers and the addition of some new dealers for the 4 December Record Show. This is the last LtM Record Show for 2022 and it is assured to have great end-of-year bargains on all the music and memorabilia you love.


Jazz, Rock, Hip-Hop, R&B, Dance, Pop, Grunge, Classical, Folk, Blues, Punk, Country, Metal, Disco, Contemporary, Blue Grass, … You Want it, We Got It!

Build or expand your collection, find rare and unique music releases, and pick up a special holiday gift for yourself or the Vinyl Collectors or Music Lovers you know. Vinyl-philes & Music Lovers will have plenty of great selections with more than 20 collections with fresh stock, some new releases, Japanese and rare pressings.

Featured Dealers:

The December LtM show will have a full house of dealers inside the Rosensteel Hall Emerald Room, and weather permitting will have some dealers setup outside the Emerald Room show entrance. LtM December Record Show Featured Dealers:

@THE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71, Kirby & NicoleTHE_MUSIC_LOVER_KG71 brings a broad range of Hip Hop, Funk, Metal, Soul, R&B, Electronic, and Club music as well as an extensive collection of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Jazz selections in Vinyl, 45s, CDs, and Cassettes.
Kenny BenjesKenny is returning from the October LtM Record Show and his collection will span two tables featuring Classic Rock, Metal, Jazz, R&B, and new and used releases. Kenny’s vinyl is in great condition, and he’ll will have many bargains for collectors.
Edward Bielaus Ed’s records are from his private collection and are in great condition for your listening enjoyment. Ed’s collection is for the audiophile and includes promos, first pressings, rare records and great other music including a deep collection of Classical Music. In addition to vinyl Ed brings memorabilia, collectables, and a few surprises.
Ed BraytenbahEd always brings many exciting and well-kept selections on vinyl albums, CDs, and 45s including some factory sealed items. Ed’s Collection spans many genres with updated stock. Ed is knowledgeable about the artists and can guide you to the music for your interests including rare releases.
Howard Dinkel Howard is bringing his hand-made and exquisite tie-dyed shirts and accessory garments, a wide array of recorded music, and unique collectables. Howard’s tie-dyes are made using quality, personally selected garments; finely twisted, rolled, and tied to provide unique patterns; and dyed with balance of complementary colors to produce an attractive garment that will make you a standout for any occasion.
Randy EcksteinRandy has been collecting for decades and all his selections are clean, in great condition, and many in new protective sleeves. Randy has a broad LP selection of classic rock and prog / psych rock, and soul from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, and 45s of your favorite rock, psych, and garage artists.
Sid GoldSid’s has a large variety of well-kept CDs and cassettes of rock, jazz, metal, electronic, and other genres with some hard-to-find collectables included. Sid’s collection is already discount-priced with many bargains to be had.
Wayne & Colton HayreWayne and Colton bring great vinyl, CDs, and must-have Vintage Collectables including Band T-shirts and Vintage Clothing, Music posters, Telephone Pole posters, and authentic artist memorabilia with some autographed originals. Wayne has refreshed his stock of vinyl releases, and if nice weather will be located in the LtM Outside Dealer’s Area.
Kerry HopkinsKerry has a solid collection of progressive rock groups including Rush, Pink Floyd, and Twelfth Night; and carries other classic rock artists: Elton John, R.E.M., Boston, and Hendrix. Kerry also has an excellent selection of Christian Rock releases from artists including Agape*, The Exkursions, Fraction, Glass Harp, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, and others.
Brian MagidBrian is one of our new dealers for the December LtM Record Show. Brian is a long-time collector showing some great selections at the LtM for a great opportunity for vinyl digging.
Andy RomanAndy is a long-time collector and dealer who brings a large collection spanning popular genres and carries many rare and hard-to-find releases. All of Andy’s selections are cleaned and in great condition.
Severn Savage LtM welcomes Severn and his remarkable collection of Folk Rock, Jazz, Blues, World Music and other genres plus books and other artifacts of the art.
Mark Shiflett “The Kabukiman”Mark (aka the Kubukiman) is an experience dealer in Vinyl Records, Cassettes, Vintage and Antique Collectables. Mark is bringing the best of his collection (the Kabukiman’s Treasure Dojo) to the LtM encompassing many genres, popular artists, and hard to find records.
Ronnie StromanRonnie’s collection includes a wide variety of Jazz, R&B, and Classic Rock. This is Ronnie’s 2nd time participating in the LtM Record Show and will have some great selections for Vinyl fans.
Turtle Records, Joe & CarlTurtle Records is a couple of vinyl and music loving friends with a HUGE collection of great albums from the 50s, 60s, 70s with a TON of Motown, soundtracks, R&B, classic rock, and soul. Fr Elvis fans Turtle Records has albums, 45s, books, PEZ dispensers, clocks, jewelry boxes, and other unique collectibles and memorabilia of “The King”.
The Vinyl Revivers & The Audio Hunters, Russ & RosslynRuss & Rosslyn bring to the LtM an excellent collection of new vinyl including MoFi Sound Lab releases and Original Master Recordings with new releases from artists spanning classic rock, hard rock, jazz, R&B, alternative and other genres that will satisfy any music interests.
Thought You Couldn’t Find It (TYCFI) – Records and CDs,
“The Hatman”, Bill & Virginia
Bill and Virginia (TYCFI) is one of our largest dealers bringing approximately 3,000 vinyl and CD selections to the show spanning most genres and rare releases. As well Bill carries a lot of rare electronic music from the early 70’s, and the selections are in great condition. 
Jim VelichJim returns with new stock and a bigger selection of Classic 70’s / 80’s Rock, Metal, R&B, Blues, and Jazz vinyl. Jim has elevated his offering with selections of high-quality, very clean LPs. With a great selection of used records: classic rock and other great finds, Jim’s collection is priced to provide customers great deals.
Yesterday & Today Records, Kelly GroffY&T is bringing an extensive collection of 7″ vinyl (45s) and some LPs to the 12/4 show. Y&T is also offering CDs, and memorabilia, and as usual Kelly will have 20% off specials on a large selection of her 7″ vinyl.
Joseph Young Joseph is another new dealer to the LtM Record Show. Joseph is bringing the best of his impressive Vinyl collection offering many new finds from LtM customers.


The Love the Music Record Show event is held bi-monthly at the Rosensteel Hall, 9707 Rosensteel Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20910. With the next event on Sunday, 12/4, from 10am – 3pm.

In 2023 LtM is expanding into the Rosensteel Hall, Columbia Room doubling the current space for the LtM Record Show. LtM Record Show 2023 dates: February 26th, April 23rd, June 25th, August 27th, and October 22nd.

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