The Hatman Returns!

With many new titles on Vinyl and CDs, The Hatman returns to the June 5th Love the Music (LtM) Record Show. Bill Martin, (a.k.a. Bill Hatman) Owner / Researcher of “Though You Couldn’t Find It, Records and CDs”, and his wife Virginia are bringing their expansive and diverse collection back to the LtM with new stock and selections for your music wants.

Bill “Hatman” Martin & Virginia at the April Love the Music Record Show

Bill has been selling music for 40 years at conventions and festivals. In the early 90’s Bill produced albums for the Strawbs, Fairport Convention, and Iain Matthews; and worked with Dirty Linen magazine for several years. Albums Bill produced include:

Strawbs – Preserves Uncanned, a 2 CD set of historical early recordings, nominated for a historical Grammy;

Fairport Convention – The Boot and The Other Boot, double-cassette, live releases of the Cropredy Festival in the UK. The Cropredy Festival is Fairport’s annual festival held in August, and is the biggest folk rock / prog rock festival in the UK.

Iain Matthews – Orphans and Outcasts Vol I, and Orphans and Outcasts Vol II, two separate releases of previously unreleased material from Iain’s career with Fairport Convention, Matthews Southern Comfort, and solo material.

If you are looking for a hard-to-find album/CD or artists, Bill is the knowledgeable and experienced person to see. Bill is bringing approximately 3,000 vinyl and CD selections to the show spanning most genres and rare releases. As well Bill carries a lot of rare electronic music from the early 70’s. Bill’s collection has been well cared for, in great condition, and is a must shop for music lovers at the Love the Music Record Show, June 5th.

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