Discover Sid Gold at the LtM!

Poet and author Sid Gold returns to Love the Music (LtM) Record Show (6/5) with an exceptional collection of CDs, Cassettes, and memorabilia. Sid, who has participated in each LtM event, understands customer musical desires and has his collection priced accordingly.

Sid’s collection of well-kept CDs and Cassettes includes unique and rare rock, jazz, metal, electronic, and other genres. Sid who hails from NY City is an impressive source of local and NY-based music history and trivia about bands and individual artists.

Sid is also a regular participant in other area record shows: the Arbutus Record Show, the Baltimore Record Bizarre (BRB), and the Capital Audio Festival.

The Love the Music Record Show is happy to have Sid Gold back for the June 5th event, and Sid will be featured in the outdoor dealer area. Sid’s table is a must for all music lovers looking for CDs, Cassettes, memorabilia and musical history. See you there!

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