Love the Music is excited to have THE MUSIC LOVER KG71, Kirby and Nicole Griffin, returning for the June 5th Record Show. With a presence on Instagram as @the_music_lover_kg71, Kirby and Nicole have participated in every LtM Record Show and delighted countless customers with great selections of music, memorabilia, and collectables.

THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 on Instagram

THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 brings a broad range of Hip Hop, Funk, Metal, Soul, R&B, Electronic, and Club music as well as an extensive collection of Classic Rock, Hard Rock, and Jazz selections. As a DJ, Kirby (aka HipHop1) has the breadth to provide experienced guidance to music lovers of club and dance standards.

In addition to vinyl LPs, THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 have CDs, 45s, and unique toys, memorabilia, and collectables to offer.

THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 is on Instagram: @the_music_lover_kg71, as well as a mainstay dealers at the monthly Arbutus Record Show.

Love the Music is happy to have Kirby and Nicole (THE MUSIC LOVER KG71) back for the 6/5 Love the Music Record Show. For a special musical experience, you will find THE MUSIC LOVER KG71 setup at the 1st dealer table inside the Emerald Room at Rosensteel Hall.

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