More Music! Welcome Kerry Hopkins to the Love the Music Record Show!

Independent collector Kerry Hopkins participates in his first Love the Music Record Show on 6/5 bringing more new music selections to the event. Welcome Kerry!

Rapper Agape* (David Scherer)

Kerry has been collecting recorded music since the late 80’s and has an excellent selection of Christian Rock releases from artists including Agape*, The Exkursions, Fraction, Glass Harp, Larry Norman, Randy Stonehill, and others. Kerry is also bringing a solid collection of progressive rock groups inclusive of Rush and Twelfth Night. If you are a Rush fan (as we all are) you will want to stop by Kerry’s table for many personal stories and lore about Rush the band itself and their music.

Kerry has LPs, 45s, CDs, Cassettes, and a few 8-Tracks primarily from his personal collection that he has priced reasonably to sell. Kerry closely inspects and conservatively grades the quality of all of his records, so you are sure to get good a deal from Kerry.

In addition to the Love the Music Record Show, Kerry is a regular dealer at the Arbutus Record and CD show.

Welcome Kerry to the LtM Record Show, Sunday June 5th (10-3). Shop at Kerry’s table inside the Emerald Room at Rosensteel Hall in Silver Spring.

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