AubryLukeRecords: Creative Outlets!

Welcome back Luke Kupscznk to the Love the Music show April 2nd. Luke Kupscznk, proprietor of AubryLukeRecords brings an extraordinary collection of vinyl to the LtM spanning genres of Free & Avant-Garde Jazz, Funk, Progressive, Experimental, Electronic, Spiritual Black American, and Environmental.

Luke operates an online store on Discogs (lkupscznk) offering an extensive collection of Japanese and European imports, private pressings, and rare releases many in mint/near-mint condition. Luke is passionate about crate digging and providing DJs and producers with sample food. AubryLukeRecords is based in Richmond and Luke regularly travels the east coast, as far as Orlando and Montreal, to bring new music to the area.

Although an established record collector and dealer, AubryLukeRecords publishes playlists on M-XCloud and SoundCloud “… as a creative outlet and a way for me to share music I love with people I love.” AubryLukeRecords also maintains an active Instagram account reviewing great album releases; follow at aubrylukerecords.

Shop at AubryLukeRecords (Luke Kupscznk) for your special music wants at the April 2nd LtM Record Show at Rosensteel Hall in Silver Spring, MD.

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