The Multifaceted Ed Bielaus Returns to the Love the Music Record Show

Love the Music (LtM) Record Show looks forward to Ed Bielaus returning for the 4/2 show in Silver Spring. Ed is a recorded music collector who helps people find the music they will love. Ed has a broad and deep music background making him one of the most knowledgeable collectors at the show who can always help you find something for your musical taste.

Ed with “John Shaft” Richard Roundtree!

Ed worked extensively in radio in the 70’s and 80’s: WBJC-FM Classical Baltimore/WGTB-FM Progressive/Electronic Experimental Washington/WAMU-FM Progressive Electronic Experimental Washington and 3 others.  Ed DJ’d on occasion at the original 9:30 Club and DC Space.  These are the places he collected an abundance of promos, first pressings, rare records and great music that went under the radar.  Ed finds the gems that many listeners and collectors miss.  Most of his records for sale come from his personal collection and are in great condition.

Ed with Fellow Brewers Celebrating their Award Winning Koelsch Style German Ale

As well as being an award-winning, amateur brewer for 30 years, Ed now works professionally in the visual arts and TV production.  Ed has produced experimental photography, documentaries, indie movies, and everything in between.

Visit Ed’s table at the LtM Record Show on April 2nd to shop and chat about some of the unusual and overlooked music in Ed’s collection that will bring a new prospective to your usual listening experience.

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