HoldFast Records Slinging Vinyl at the LtM Record Show!

HoldFast Records joins the Love the Music (LtM) Record Show coming from Asbury Park, NJ. Welcome HoldFast Records to the LtM!

Holdfast Records, Asbury Park!

After a decade as a brick-and-mortar record shop in Asbury Park, HoldFast Records went fully online to be able to dig full time and bring you even more rare and collectible vinyl. HoldFast Records has inventory of thousands of records, CDs, vintage tees and of course memorabilia. HoldFast specializes in Rock, Jazz, Funk, Soul, Blues, Metal, Reggae, and rare finds. HoldFast also hosts The Asbury Park Record Show, held 3 times a year. Check out HoldFast Records’ stores on the Discogs, eBay, & Instagram and follow HoldFast on Facebook to keep up on their listings and event participation. HoldFast Records’ participation promises to provide a broad and outstanding selection of music and memorabilia for our customers to shop at the 12/4 LtM. HoldFast Records website: http://www.holdfastasburypark.com/

See you at Rosensteel Hall, Silver Spring, MD this Saturday, 12/4, 10a – 3p!

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