Get in the Luke-Aubry Groove at the LtM Record Show

The Love the Music (LtM) Record Show welcomes for the first time Luke-Aubry as an independent dealer to the 12/4 show.

M-XCloud Aubry-Luke Records

Luke-Aubry AKA @AubryLukeRecords on Instagram is a Richmond-based private record dealer. He specializes in free and avant-garde jazz, spiritual Black American music, private presses, international music (especially Japanese jazz and funk), early experimental and musique concrete, and European soundtrack and library records. He is passionate about crate digging and providing DJs and producers with sample food. Luke-Aubry regularly travels the east coast, as far as Orlando and Montreal, to bring new music to the area. You can also follow Aubry-Luke Records’ music share on M-XCLOUD at Luke-Aubry brings a unique selection of music to the LtM show, and we look forward to digging through his collection at the 12/4 show.

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