The Maven of Metal, Martin Mettee!

Love the Music (LtM) welcomes Martin (Marty) Mettee and all Metal Heads to our record show on 12/4. This is Marty’s first time at the LtM Record Show and will be bringing his extensive Metal collection for our customers.

Marty with Collection at the Arbutus Record Show

If you are a disciple of Heavy, Funk, Alt, Death, Industrial and other Metal or Hard Rock genres, then Martin Mettee is the dealer you want to start with at the LtM show. Marty specializes in metal and has a considerable vinyl collection of the metal genres in very clean condition. Marty is an experienced collector and purveyor of vinyl, which provides him some hard-to-find vinyl selections you must shop. As well, Marty has a wealth of knowledge that for both the new and experienced vinyl collectors provides valuable guidance to the right purchases to satisfy your music cravings.

Marty is also a dealer at the monthly Arbutus Record and CD Show. The Love the Music Record Show is happy to have Marty bringing the Metal to our 12/4 show at the Rosensteel Hall in Silver Spring, MD.

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