Tie-Dyed with Soul, Howard Dinkel

The Love the Music (LtM) welcomes the return of Howard Dinkel, fasion virtuoso and music sage, to the LtM 12/4 Record Show.

Howard with Music and Tie-Dyes at the October LtM Show

Howard is a multi-faceted independent dealer bringing his hand-made and exquisite tie-dyed shirts and accessory garments, a wide array of recorded music, and unique collectables. Howard’s tie-dyes are made using quality, personally-selected garments; finely twisted, rolled, and tied to provide unique patterns; and dyed with balance of complementary colors to produce an attractive garment that will make you a standout at any occasion. Each of Howard’s tie-dyed garments are unique and as such he has named them like pieces art.

Don’t look past the music collection Howard will have at the LtM show. You will find a broad selection of CD, cassettes, and some unique music collectables. Stop by Howard’s table at the LtM Record Show on 12/4 for a special shopping experience.

Below are samples of the handmade tie-dyed shirts and other garments Howard will have for sell.

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