The Ron Wainwright Collection at LtM

Ron Wainwright is making a return to the Love the Music Record Show on 12/4.

Ron Wainwright with vinyl record collection at the Love the Music Record Show
Ron Wainwright (on right) with collection selling at the October LtM Record Show.

Ron comes to the LtM from Salisbury, MD and brings a vast collection of Classic Rock, Metal, R&B, Jazz, Pop, and unique and rare albums. Ron, a long-time independent dealer, participates in area record shows and offers significant knowledge of the different vinyl pressings and releases. You may also see Ron participating at times in the Baltimore Record Bazaar (BRB) I encourage all music lovers and record collectors to shop Ron’s collection at the LtM show on 12/4. Welcome Ron! LtM is happy to have you participating in the upcoming record show.

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